Parish Newcomers

If you have just recently moved in from outside of West Bridgford or have just decided to make the switch from one place to another, we welcome you!

Welcome to our Parish!

We welcome all newcomers to our services.

If you require any information, please contact the Parish Office using the adjacent form. Please complete as much or as little as you wish.

    Part 1) Contact Information

    Part 2) Parish Newsletter



    Note: You can always download a copy from our website.

    Part 3) Can we help?



    Part 4) Other family members

    We will keep this information in the parish database and use it only for the purposes of providing pastoral care.

    Part 5) Lay ministries

    Can you help with keeping the church running? We always welcome anyone who can put their skills and talents to good use.

    I would love to help with:
    MusicReading at a massCleaningMaintenance

    If none of the above, please let us know how you can help below: