School admissions to Catholic Primary Academies (Reception Year) – Children born between 01/09/2019 and 31/08/2020 

The deadline for submitting your application for a school place is 15th January 2024. Application forms are available on your ‘home’ Local Authority website.  For every Catholic school you apply for if you wish your child to be considered and ranked under a faith criterion you should also complete a supplementary information form, and return this form to the school by the deadline, (forms are available from the LA and the school).  You MUST also include the supporting evidence* as required with this form, eg baptism certificate (photocopies acceptable).  Failure to supply the required supporting evidence will mean your child is ranked in a lower criterion which may affect your chance of a place. *If you do not have the required evidence please contact the parish where your child was baptised for a copy certificate in good time.

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