Saint Vincent de Paul Society

StVincent Quite a number of parishes throughout the world have an ‘SVP conference’ but for the uninitiated the following extract from our opening prayers sums up the duties of every SVP member:

Lord Jesus help us through meeting together to deepen our Vincentian friendship and answer the call every Christian receives, to seek and find those who are forgotten, and to bring your love to the suffering or deprived.”

A Beacon For Us All
“Today I make an urgent plea to this nation. Do not neglect your sick and elderly. Do not turn away from the handicapped and the dying.  Do not push them to the margins of society. For if you do, you will fail to understand that they represent an important truth.  The sick, the elderly, the handicapped and the dying teach us that weakness is a creative part of human living and that suffering can be embraced with no loss of dignity.  Without the presence of these people in your midst you might be tempted to think of health, strength and power as the only important values to be pursued in life.  But the wisdom of Christ and the power of Christ are to be seen in the weakness of those who share his sufferings. Let us keep the sick and the handicapped at the centre of our lives.  Let us treasure them and recognise with gratitude the debt we owe them.   We begin by imagining that we are giving to them ; we end by realising that they have enriched us. May God bless and comfort all who suffer.  And may Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world and healer of the sick,  make his light shine through human weakness as a beacon for us and for all mankind.  Amen ”

HH John Paul II-Southwark Cathedral 28th May ’82

SVP Holy Spirit Conference- Turning Concern into Action-

The SVP in this parish has been going for over 60 years. Members meet every two weeks. The meetings are short and focus on finding and responding to people in need. We support each other, sharing experience of visits careful to maintain confidentiality. We pray for each other and for those we try to help and those who help us. Most people join the SVP to help others only to find their own lives enriched, there is great joy in much of our work. We strive to put Catholic social teaching in to practice.

If you want to know more please contact  Cristina Lira   Tel: 07985481869


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