Arranging a Funeral

We can provide support on funeral arrangements of a loved one

Arranging a Funeral

Christians often consider that in the face of death they should have greater faith and not be racked with doubts, anxieties and questions. We are all very different. Sometimes the death of a loved one can bring great consolation and peace, but at other times we can be surprised how traumatised we are by the whole experience. It is important to know that such feelings are normal and just to be able to talk them through with someone else can bring peace and consolation.

Arranging a funeral for a loved one

Please download and fill in the form below if you would like to arrange a funeral for a loved one. After arranging a date and a time with the Funeral Directors for the funeral, you need to talk to one of the clergies about the details of the service.

Planning your own funeral

If you are planning your own funeral for the future and would like to arrange it at our church, you may find this document useful:-