Celebrating 45 Years of CAFOD at The Holy Spirit Church

This year we are celebrating  45 years of CAFOD within our parish.

Please see the presentation below, which celebrates the history of the Holy Spirit CAFOD group and where it all started on a Friday evening.

Our CAFOD group has been active since 1975 when 6 parishioners called ‘The Friday People’ had a fast each Friday and gave the money raised to CAFOD, they gradually evolved into our CAFOD group.  The late Mary Crosby   ran the  Cafod  group  for 42 years,  since then it  has gone from strength to strength, raising over £250K for overseas development in this time.  More info on the history in next week’s newsletter.

We had planned a weekend of Celebrations with Mass attended by Bishop Patrick and a party in the social centre, instead Bishop Patrick sent a letter to the parish congratulating our local group.

We want to thank you all so much, for your support and generosity over our 45 years of promoting CAFOD causes.


Please download the PowerPoint Presentation below which gives a detailed history of CAFOD in our parish.

Cafod 45


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